The role of spatial analysis in Review of Environmental Factors (REFs)

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) relies on access to reliable and authoritative sources of spatial data to determine the scale and type of assessment required.

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) includes a checklist of a range of relevant legislation and planning instruments.

Data sources include  a range of spatial datasets that are used to determine the types of potential environmental impacts a proposed activity may have.

A check of these spatial datasets upfront can largely determine the scale of assessment required, and whether and likelihood of whether any further specialist assessment may be necessary.

For example, if NSW Bionet Atlas data shows there are records of threatened frog species in the vicinity of your poroposed activity, and your activity will affect waterways and drainage in any way, you will need to consider the requirement for a Flora and Fauna Assessment Report to accompany your REF.

EMAP Consulting has the unique blend of expertise in spatial analysis of relevant datasets as well as environmental impact assessment requirements.  Ask us how we can help with your next REF.

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