Spatial Analysis and GIS Mapping

EMAP Consulting specialise in spatial analsyis and GIS mapping. We operate the full suite of licenced ESRI software, which we update regulalry to ensure that we are up to date with all the latest features and capabilities of GIS software.

Dr Emma McIntyre has a PhD in Geographic Information Systems and a wealth of experince in applying the latest spatial technologies to a wide variety of projects.

Recent Experience

Story Maps for Community Consultation

Remote sensing techniques

EMAP Consulting designed and hosted a number of Story Maps for the stakeholder consultation process to inform Port Macquarie Local Housing Strategy, in lieu of focus groups due to COVID-19. The Story Map introduced the  background and purpose of the project, the range of data sourced to date, and invited users to add comments on maps with a chosen theme.

We have undertaken the Annual Vegetation Change Mapping project to track vegetation clearing in Sydney’s Growth Centres for NSW DPIE for the last 3 years. Our technique includes Canopy Height Modelling from raw LiDAR data, and Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (remote sensing).

Online mapping and spatial analysis

GIS integration with asset management

We sourced data from numerous sources to prepare online mapping and provide spatial analysis to inform the Go Jindy Master Plan. Spatial data included ABS Census data, Environmental Planning Instrument map layers, environmental constraints information and social data such as short term accommodation.

We have provided ongoing GIS services to Shoalhaven Water’s asset management unit for over 5 years. Services include GIS mapping of assets from WAE plans, integration of GIS data with the Asset Management Sytem and planning for major upgrades in GIS and asset management software.