Capability Statement

EMAP Consulting offers a wide range of environmental assessment and spatial analysis services.
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Spatial analysis services:

Data Management

EMAP Consulting has the full suite of ArcGIS software for commercial use, and can work all file types. Data does not always exist in the fromat we would like it! If you have maps that need to be recreated from PDF or image format, even a simple sketch, we can do that for you. We also convert files to the desired spatial type (SHP, GDB, CAD, DWG, TAB) and map projection.


EMAP Consulting can host webmaps for collaboration purposes. Data and maps can be shared with your project team, your clients, or your customers, and they can also add or edit features to the webmap. EMAP Consulting will store the data that is collected, and sent to you in a GIS and/or Excel spreadsheet format.

Custom Field Apps

EMAP Consulting can create custom mobile GIS solutions for collection of field data. All you need to do is download the app to the device you wish to use in the field, and we do the rest.

Remote Sensing

EMAP Consulting can provide remote sensing services for a range of applications. We also have access to LiDAR data from Geoscience Australia and ArcGIS 3D Analyst extensions to undertake LiDAR analysis for application ssuch as Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Canopy Height Models (CHMs) and slope analysis and cut and fill analysis.

Site Selection

EMAP Consulting has an extensive spatial data library which accessesand maintains authoritative data to use as inputs for spatial analysis. Sites can be slected using a combination of multiple parametrs as determined by the client.

Environmental assessment services

REF Services

EMAP Consulting specialises in providing high quality, affordable REF services. We have recently completed REFs for water and sewer main realignments, communications towers demolition, asbestos materials encapsulation, vegetation clearing for road maintenance purposes and watercourse clearing for flood control.

Management Plans

EMAP Consulting has prepared numerous Environmental Management Plans for a range of purposes, including catchment and regional scale plans, local vegetation management plans as part of a controlled activity approval and biodiversity management plans as a mitigation measure for proposed development.