Review of Environmental Factors

We Specialise in conducting Reviews of Environmental Factors (REFs).

REFs are a type of environmental impact assessment required under Part 5 of theĀ NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, when the proponent of a proposed activity and the determining authority are one and the same.

We have developed a range of resources and templates, and have access to a range of planning databases that can help to determine how detailed your REF needs to be.


Guide to Planning a Review of Environmental Factors.


We have prepared so many REFs, that we decided to share some of our expertise with our clients. Click this link to download our free REF Guidelines resource.

EMAP Consulting Online Mapping Resources

Online Mapping Resources

EMAP Consulting hosts a number of online web-maps and apps tailored to perform automated searches of spatial databases to inform an REF report. This can save hours of time usually spent searching for this information from multiple sources.

REF Templates

There are many REF templates and resources out there, but be sure to take into consideration that some online templates are outdated, due to changes in relevant legislation. The links provided here reference current legislation and may be useful as a starting point for your next REF.

LGNSW_logo - LGNSW Templates

LGNSW templates and resources for Council Roadside Works

Templates for activities on lands reserved or acquired by the 1974 NPW Act.

EMAP templates for linear infrastructure

We have a wealth of experience conducting Spatial Analysis and GIS Mapping.

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