EMAP Consulting offer a number of products that help to provide details about the environmental planning constraints of a site for environmental or development assessment purposes, in a manner that is efficient and affordable.


Pricing: $990 plus GST (Note there may be an additional cost for sites larger than 1km x 1km)

SiteREF is a service where we do the legwork in querying the most recently available spatial databases at the location of a chosen site and generate a report to inform a Review of Environmental Factors (REF).

Information inclusions:

  • search of NSW BioNet Atlas for threatened flora and fauna species within a defined radius of the site
  • search of EPBC Protected Matters database for Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) within a defined radius of the site
  • State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) that apply to the site
  • LEP zoning
  • Soil landscapes
  • BioNet vegetation communities and EECs
  • basic search of AHIMS database for presence of Aboriginal sites or places within a defined radius of the site

The report is supplied in PDF format and includes maps of the site with any environmental constraints identified. We will respond via email to request confirmation of your site and your report will be submitted within 2 business days from receipt of email confirmation and payment.

Download Sample SiteREF


Pricing: $200 + GST per site

SiteInfo collates all planning details about a property on the one plan- including zoning, actual lot size, street frontage, minimum lot size, bushfire prone land status, flood prone land status, heritage status, proximity to mapped watercourses, as well as location of water and sewerage infrastructure within the property.

Download Sample SiteInfo

Collector for ArcGIS

Pricing: $800 plus GST per project (Conditions apply)

Collector for ArcGIS is a field application that uses the GPS location of your device to provide a simple field data collection solution. By using Collector for ArcGIS in the field, you’ll save time and money on your previous paper methods.

EMAP Consulting design custom field solutions to save you time on your environmental and engineering field data collection. We setup the app with our own spatial data, supply you with the credentials you need to access your map on Collector for ArcGIS, manage all of the data and supply you with a report in pdf format at the end. The report is complete with all of the information collected in the field including photos and maps.

Collector for ArcGIS is a great tool for documenting and recording field related data.