Environmental Assessment and Approvals

Our collaborative approach to environmental impact assessment and our expert understanding of approvals pathways allow us to efficiently and successfully manage and deliver projects for our clients.

Our Services Include:

Environmental Constraints Analysis 

If you are planning a project or development, but not yet at the  DA stage, it can be helpful to be prepared before you engage architects, town planners or other specialist consultants. 

Our Environmental Constraints Analysis Report will provide you with all of the relevant environmental constraints that may arise during the DA process.  

Benefits of an Environmental Constraints Reports: 

  • Affordable way of arming yourself with all relevant information about the site and issues you will need to address in a DA; 
  • Can inform your architect or town planner of the best footprint within your site for your proposed development, based on known constraints; 
  • Can save you time and money; 
  • Can maximise your chance of obtaining DA approval by addressing environmental constraints in a pro-active manner. 

Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals 

An Environmental Impact Assessment is a report prepared by qualified environmental scientists to determine the environmental impacts of a proposed development.  

The purpose of an environmental impact assessment is to address the requirements of federal, state and local environmental legislation including, but not limited to, the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act), and Council Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) and Development Control Plans (DCPs). 

There are different types of environmental impact assessment, which is dependent on the approval pathway of a proposed development.  

Our services include: 

  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 
  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF) 


Guide to Planning a Review of Environmental Factors.


We have prepared so many REFs, that we decided to share some of our expertise with our clients. Click this link to download our free REF Guidelines resource.

REF Templates

There are many REF templates and resources out there, but be sure to take into consideration that some online templates are outdated, due to changes in relevant legislation. The links provided here reference current legislation and may be useful as a starting point for your next REF.

LGNSW_logo - LGNSW Templates

LGNSW templates and resources for Council Roadside Works

Templates for activities on lands reserved or acquired by the 1974 NPW Act.

EMAP templates for linear infrastructure

Our Process

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