A product custom built for environmental professionals who prepare Review of Environmental Factors (REF) reports for sites in NSW. SiteREF queries multiple spatial databases to prepare a report of relevant information about a subject site to complete a REF. Information includes LEP data, SEPP data, soil types, vegetation communities, EECs, and results of 10km searches of the EPBC Protected Matters Tool and NSW Bionet Atlas.
Delivered to your inbox within 48 hours- package includes Excel spreadsheets and maps.


A customisable product that finds sites to suit your needs. Criteria can include a particular lot size, zoning, and minimal constraints (for example rule out flood prone land).
Spatial proximity to features such as transport infrastructure, schools and parks can also be included. Price depends on spatial extent of the search and the number of criteria to be included in the search.
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The perfect solution for the savvy property investor, SiteInfo combines all relevant planning and environmental constraints information, as well as location of water and sewer infrastructure, on the one plan. Guaranteed authoritative data sources, and delivered as a PDF fileto your inbox within 24 hours of ordering. So why chase council architects, town planners for this information, when you can save time and money by ordering SiteInfo today?

SiteInfo- customised for Granny Flats

Granny flats are becoming increasingly popular as a means to providing housing for extended family, or as a source of income. The NSW Housing Code allows for granny flats to be assessed as a complying development, if your site meets certain criteria. This customised version of SiteInfo provides you with information about the available land for building a granny flat on your site, by allowing for the existing building and required setbacks. It also indicates whether it is likely to meet the requirements for complying development, or if you may be required to submit a DA to your local council.
As for standard SiteInfo, a PDF report will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours, for $55 + GST.